Lyrics and Music by Ben-G



Slipping into a deep, dark depression

Not willing to make the confession

That you can't survive all alone

You're trying to stand and make it on your own

But the fact remains, you're as human as I

When we try on our own, all we do is die

It's a cold, hard fact that's so hard to accept

Our frail, human state, so inept

When it comes to doing right in the sight of God

You're not as strong as you might have thought

As a human, you're weak, got no power to stand

Why walk alone, just take God's hand



Don't look down

You'll never, never fall

Slam into the ground

So keep your eyes

Focused on the one who hears your cries



Don't look down, no don't look back

Don't leave yourself open to attack

'Cause so many souls have fallen by the way

Destroyed by the onslaught, weakened by the fray

Yeah, trying so hard to stand on their feet

Only seeing their mistake when it's time to meet

The final demise when their time is up

They just looked down, they didn't look up

'Cause you know that if they had, you know they woulda seen

Through the blinding fog, through the smokescreen

That satan puts up to catch you, to ensnare

But God can lead you through it, you know that He's there


'© 2000 Maze Rivet Music