If you look at politics today, there are little if any similarities to the politics of days past. In the founding days of the United States, a man running for office was more concerned about the welfare of the people. Today, the average politician is a lying, cheating, scandalous, moral-lacking person. This is not to say that there aren't good, well-meaning politicians today and that there weren't any bad ones previously. It is to say though, that the men who founded the United States were God-fearing upstanding men and the majority of the office-holding person today lacks morals in general. They will not think twice before breaking the law in some way and then lying or pointing the finger to cover themselves. This stems partially from a lack of backbone and not being able to stand and take the consequences for your actions. But it stems mainly from a lack of fear and reverence for God. "Evil Politician" basically takes a look into the heart of the average politician. The chorus of the song talks about a few of the aspects that are big parts of some politicians' lives. Paying for prostitutes, drug scandals, and the murder of "loose links." This country's government needs to take a serious look at itself and do some major reworking. It needs to turn back to God and get priorities straightened out because it is making a serious journey down the toilet.