Lyrix & Music Written by Ben-G

Take a look outward now
You're so much better than me
Your outward (appearance) is polished
While inside your mind rots
With your head high
You see me through your nose
Burn your eyeballs out
Sockets sunken deep
Open your eyes and see your head

God is no respecter of persons
You're no better than all
Don't tell lies to yourself

Everyone is still mortal
Everyone can still die
You are no exception
Arrogance is a lie
You can hit a ball
You can jump high
Jumping through hoops
A legend in your own mind
You think you are as great
As you think you are

Proud is your head
High with helium
You are no better
Than anyone else
Humble yourself
In the sight of the Lord
Raising your head up
Brings you down
Humble yourself
In the sight of the Lord
And He will lift you up

Music and Lyrics Copyright 1997, Maze Rivet Music