Lyrics and Music by Ben-G



Why is it I cannot find

One who can give me peace of mind

I search and I search to no avail

Mortals will always fail me

I cannot depend, I cannot trust

I cannot rely, I cannot trust

Humans fail me once again

I fail me and I fall in

To the pit of dispair

Help me, help me

Do you care



I cry to you, my God

In my time of need

I trust in you, oh Lord my God

Please take away this bleed

I trust, I trust



I have found the only one

I have found God's own Son

He is the one who does not fail

He doesn't leave me or forsake me

He had enough love to take me

I trust Him forevermore

No flaw at all is found in Him

Perfect always, such is He

I trust, I trust

Oh He hears me


'© 1998 Maze Rivet Music