The event that caused me to write this song happened in 1994. I was in a band called Cynder Block and we would practice on Sundays in the afternoon. Sometimes certain members of the band wouldn't be able to make it but one Sunday, I was the only member who showed up. I was stuck at our practice location for the whole afternoon by myself. I was bored and pretty much down for the rest of the afternoon. I then came to the realization that there is no one in the world that is completely dependable. Everyone will fail you at one time or another and you will fail yourself. The only one who doesn't fail you and never will is God and God alone. Christ said that He would never leave us or forsake us and that always holds true. Whenever I've strayed away, He's always been there to take me back no matter what I've done. If you trust in God, He will take care of you.