Lyrix & Music Written by Ben-G

You say I'm krazy and laugh at me some more
You cop an attitude and dis my God and slam me to the floor
You laugh at me and scoff at me and poke at my beliefs
So have your fun 'cause you're the one who'll bear eternal grief
You say I'm krazy 'cause I believe in God
Who came for me and died for me and seeks to save the lost

I'm not krazy
My Dad loves me

Krazy, krazy, krazy
Is what I am not
With righteous blood Christ saved me
With righteous blood I'm bought
This tale I bring to you, I am alive to tell
And if you don't believe in it
You'll surely burn in hell
It's not at all uncommon to have uncertainty
But your eternal fate's at hand
So listen up to me

What do you have to lose if you believe the way I do
What do you have to gain
Freedom from eternal pain
Come with me to Paradise
Come with me to Paradise



Music and Lyrics Copyright 1994, 1998, Maze Rivet Music