Lyrics and Music by Ben-G



I gave it away, gave it all away

I can't find anymore left to give

I'm on my knees again, I'm groveling

Licking the ashes of a world destroyed

Numb to pain, in agony I writhe

Soul rent asunder, heart trampled underfoot



I'm too battered to bear this load again

Yet I take it on my back, my soul screams

Soul of glass, shattered by the hammer

My heart, unwhole, it's happened to me again



Queries of my mind, I can find no peace

The lingering, wondering, voices find no silence

Unbearable lonliness, it chills my bones to ice

Where is my deliverance, I hear no answer to my cry

I don't want this pain again, take it all away

Where's the soul for whom I search to call my symbiote


© 2000 Maze Rivet Music