Lyrics and Music by Ben-G



Petty insults thrown my way

There is nothing I need to say

Mock the Christians, and their God

Their weak beliefs, their rules and laws

It's all useless

You can't see in from the outside

Your whole life is just one big ride

Stupid me, I appear to be

Living in chains while you are free

That's not how it is



Your insults mean nothing to me

Soon you'll know what your fate will be

There's no need for me to fight you

Reject God and He will smite you



What is the point, I said what is the need

For this battling in word or deed

Never prove a point, never gain some ground

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down

It's all worthless

There is no need for us to fight

Drawing blood over who is right

I can defend the faith I know

I beckon you to give it a go

This is how it is



This one truth inside I hold

Before your eyes it will unfold

The way to see the life you've led

The time is coming and you'll be dead


'© 1998 Maze Rivet Music