I guess you could say that this song is somewhat of a rant and rave song about "the system." It all boils down to the fact that if you've got money, there will always be someone out there who's ready and willing to take it from you. Everywhere you turn you've got something that you have to shell out for. Gas for the car, insurance, food, etc. The term "Vampire Boa" is an analogy for the system itself. You feel the pressure and anxiety as it constricts you like a snake while it sucks your money and assets like a vampire. Letting God control your finances relieves this worry and things don't feel so bad. Take a look at R.J. LeTourneau. He's the guy that invented the big earth moving machines. Instead of the regular 10% tithe with 90% for himself, he tithed 90% and kept 10% for himself. The man was very well off and started a University in Longview, Texas. That's just one example of how by giving God control of all things, you can prosper in this life.