Lyrix & Music Written by Ben-G

Feel the constriction
Squeeze blood from a stone
Mandetory leech suck
They want you and you alone
Money changes hands
You fall down to the floor
See the selfish grin
Vampire sucking blood
There's nothing you can do
To cut the heavy chain
Submission and dominance
You obey through clenched teeth

Anarchy might free me
Death and taxes
You can count on

Education sold to you
Leap to pay the price
Sell your soul to learn
Get your degree
Work your fingers to the bone
Yeah, now you're living high
It don't get any better
It only gets worse
Everyone pays the piper
After they've had their ride
Everyone wants your money
And they want your ride
Greed is the motivation
Cause of so much pain
Money's a ball and chain
Want to unlock it with the key
Take my money
I need it more than you

Music and Lyrics Copyright 1997, Maze Rivet Music